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Molly is a Licensed Esthetician/Skincare Specialist and has been working in the skincare industry for over 15 years. Molly’s mentoring under renowned dermatologists, training, experience and specialty is in Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology.


Originally from Northern California, Molly moved to Los Angeles in 2000 where she began working in Dermatology and fell in love with skincare. It is her passion and motivation. Based on her high quality work, Molly has been selected to work with physicians behind the scenes on numerous TV shows like Extreme Makeover, Ten Years Younger, and Entertainment News.  She has also provided her talents for multiple red carpet events.


Molly has achieved great results – and she has a dedicated following of clients to prove it. She is known for giving her patients amazing skin treatments with lasting, beautiful results. In her experience, she has treated all skin types.


Her acne treatments focus on controlling inflammation and preventing or addressing issues of hyperpigmentation and scarring. Additional treatments get you back to healthier, clearer, more stress-free skin. Her anti-aging treatments have had great results in the treatment of dryness and plumping up, and in firming fine lines and wrinkles.

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